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The Consumer Intelligence Company

INNX provides high value consumer data and analysis for CMOs, marketing departments, media agencies and product innovators. Our KPIs are results orientated. Our reports are focused on delivering specific and useful data combined with actionable insights. Our methods have provided effective results for some of the most important brands in the world; so whether you require key insights from a single market or you need to get a worldwide perspective, INNX can deliver precise insights in real-time.

The tools that make the impossible, possible

Over the last 10 years we have developed a unique set of digital tools that allow us to view consumers’ actions, interactions and attractions with unprecedented clarity. These tools eliminate the misinterpretations and subjective conclusions many traditional consumer reports contain. Our FOXTM data tool allows us to X-ray the marketplace and analyse a brand, product or service in detail while Message ModellingTM enables us to understand consumer response to specific communication elements. Together these two tools allow us to formulate high performance communication that consistently outperform communication developed in the traditional way.

INNX and innovation

Beyond the benefits to marketeers, INNX insights also allow innovators to gauge consumer response to critical aspects of any new product or service. This is achieved by using rapid prototyping, an agile, accurate and unique process to the industry. The knowledge derived from our prototyping accelerates the overall development process and also allows for consumer insights to be leveraged from end-to-end - including creating the foundation of the marketing brief.

How can we help you?

INNX can help if you demand real-time, information-rich, consumer insights. Our approach is agile, fat-free and cost effective. Our insights are formulated specifically for marketing and communication professionals who require consumer information that facilitates critical marketing decision making. Our reports are intended to be easy to understand with simple overviews and information set within a competitive market context. INNX insights will appeal to you if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional approach.

INNX insights have provided effective results for some of the world’s most important brands. Whether you require consumer data for a single market, or you need to get a global perspective, INNX delivers the critical data.

Define the marketplace.
Define your place in the market

Consumer-centric market analysis

FOXTM is a digital cross platform analysis tool that reveals consumer behaviour on multiple axes. It has the ability to give CMOs an unprecedented view of consumer behaviour in the marketplace in real time.

The unique advantage of FOXTM is its ability to convert highly complex data into consumable information. FOXTM allows you to quickly understand market dynamics, enabling you to effectively pinpoint areas of high and low friction. This information allows brands to effectively leverage areas of unexploited potential within the consumer space. FOXTM also delivers historical perspectives, which offer a more nuanced view of benchmarks from a competitive and market viewpoint.

FOXTM is fast, accurate and cost effective and the insights integrate perfectly with Message ModellingTM resulting in the most comprehensive consumer marketing tools available today.

  • Reveals consumer behaviour on multiple axes
  • Developed specifically for marketing applications
  • Accurate and insightful
  • Competitive frameset

Message ModellingTM
Thrive in the new
message economy

Powerful messages sustain powerful brands

Message ModellingTM is a highly accurate form of consumer response data that focuses on understanding and developing powerful communication messages. The process uses rapid prototyping to evaluate and validate the strongest messages available to any given brand, service or product. The technique was initially developed as a response to the new challenges of digital marketing, but over the last 10 years has been further developed to cover all aspects of marketing communication including innovation.

Message ModellingTM minimizes the weakness of human evaluation and replaces it with a clearer picture of the consumer mind-set. The process offers security-of-knowledge that facilitates faster and more decisive decision-making. Message ModellingTM consistently out performs traditional approaches with more effective time and cost management and better in market performance – resulting in significantly improved ROI on like-of-like projects.

  • Accurate consumer response data
  • Agile and cost effective
  • Actionable insights
  • Validated ROI

Influencer benchmarking

Understanding the true value of influence

FRANK is a unique digital benchmarking tool for commercial influencers and brands. FRANK provides an independent, unfiltered and unbiased assessment of influencers’ actual ROI. The tool reaches across social and web platforms providing a more contextualized view of the influencer’s performance.

FRANK can isolate specific elements, platforms, content types and interactions allowing the user to understand performance from different perspectives. The tool replaces manual gathering of data and guesstimating based on measures such as followers and anecdotal evidence. FRANK also happily connects to Google Analytics so you can better understand the effect of influencers on the total customer journey.

We believe FRANK will create a new standard for influencer assessment. Creating benchmarks and accreditation that will not only help CMOs make the right decision, but also help influencers leverage their true potential.

  • Influencer benchmarking tool
  • Reveals the true value of influencers
  • Independent, unfiltered and unbiased data

INNX Social
A new perspective on social media

INNX Social.
Automated social media monitoring.

INNX Social is the new way of monitoring and benchmarking social media. It delivers real-time data that provides relevant and useful insights at top level allowing you to see your social media activities in a more transparent and holistic way.

INNX Social is a digital solution that replaces time-consuming manual data collection with an automated system optimized on three parameters: Current Performance, Historic Performance and Competitor Performance. With this insight you can more easily report to c-level, plan or evaluate a campaign, get inspired, set the right KPI’s or compare performance to your competitors. The Historic Performance data allows you to develop best practices for your brand and creates a knowledge-based foundation for future social media decisions. You also have the option to set trending dynamics and interaction alarms so you can stay ahead of the social media curve.

INNX Social is the perfect fit for a global business as you can isolate data by brand, country or category allowing you to monitor your worldwide social media activities from one dashboard. We enable you to structure a setup where you only pay for what you need. Get social.

  • New generation digital SoMe monitoring tool
  • Benchmarks: Current Performance, Historic Performance and Competitor Performance
  • Transparent and holistic data
  • Validated and used by international brands

"By leveraging new technology we created more accurate and useful consumer data"

As marketeers ourselves, we were constantly frustrated with the consumer and market reports we received. They lacked ‘useful’ insights, were too subjective and conclusions were frequently generic. It was also difficult for our teams to crosscheck information, as the reports often had their own set of values and benchmarks created by cloudy ‘black box’ algorithms. We knew it was possible to deliver a more accurate type of consumer information, but it required a completely different approach. We wanted to leverage new technology and the possibilities of big data. We wanted to reduced human interruption and create a more transparent information platform. Our reports had to deliver insights that could actually be used by marketing departments in the real world. Of course, we are constantly evolving our products, but we are confident INNX can provide insights that will increase your ROI and we would be happy to show you the results we have achieved so far.

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